Fixing WordPress mixed content issues

When you visit a site using https:// your browser will expect all the content to be sent securely, over SSL - which is what gives you https (HTTP Secure).

However, sometimes some content from the site or page will be sent over http:// - and this will cause a mixed content warning. How you see this varies by browser, some show a warning, others an orange padlock (instead of green) and others just don't show the content.

This is something you'll want to resolve to ensure all visitors have a secure visit and optimal experience. There are a number of options:

  1. Use this handy website to scan your site and advise you exactly which content is being sent insecurely - you can then edit those posts or pages to update the links to https:// - Why No Padlock.
  2. If there are simply too many insecure links to enable you to change them all quickly you could use a plugin like Really Simple SSL to ensure all content is served over https://
  3. Use a WordPress plugin like Better Search and Replace to change all occurrences of http:// with https://
Having fixed any mixed content issues you may also decide that you'd like to force visitors to use a secure connection.

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