Shell access to your server using SSH (Terminal for Mac OS)

Mac OS is derived from Unix style operating systems, so understandably, logging into an SSH session is quite simple.

Before we continue, though, be sure your cPanel account has already been granted SSH access otherwise we will receive an error later on. We have a separate guide on enabling SSH for your account.

Open the Terminal application from the Applications/Utilities folder, or press - and search for Terminal using Spotlight.

Once Terminal is open, you simply enter

ssh -p 722 [username]@[homeserver or your domain]

For example, if your cPanel username was krystald and your domain name was, then you would type:

ssh -p 722

This runs the ssh program, and tells it to connect using -p 722 (which means Port 722)

If all goes well, you will receive a notification telling you when your last login was, and be presented with the command prompt.

When you have had enough, just type exit and press enter to end your session.

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